Shivamogga Clinch The Top Position In Karnataka : Revenue Department

The Revenue department will be transformed into an e-office in the coming days

Shivamogga led the state in August in clearing up inquiries related to the Revenue Department.

The government announces the classification monthly supported the elimination of land conversion-related applications, the settlement of cases within the Deputy Commissioner’s Court, the Deputy Commissioner’s Court, the rectification in Pahani and other applications in various departments.

Deputy Commissioner KB Shivakumar then said he had instructed branch managers to process applications received by the deputy commissioner’s office in a timely manner. Deputy Commissioner Nagendra F. Honnali said Shivamogga is the state’s top priority on Treasury affairs. Much progress has been made in abolishing land conversion requests and settling cases before the Deputy Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner courts. In light of this, Shivamogga has taken first place in the state, he said.

He also stated that an electronic bureau system has been implemented in the Deputy Commissioner’s office. Applications are digitized every day without exception. This is a transparent system and removing requests will also be easier. The electronic office system will be implemented in the Deputy Commissioner’s offices and in Tahsildar. The Treasury Department will be transformed into an electronic office in the next few days. This would prevent people from visiting the office.

He also stated that efforts are being made to expedite the implementation of social security systems, land identification for the establishment of a waste disposal unit at the Gram Panchayat level, and land identification for a cemetery. timely service to people.

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