How To Create WAZIRX Account 2021

Here is the full process of how to create or open WAZIRX account in 2021. Before going to topic know about crypto.

Did you know – What is Crypto ?

Crypto stands for Cryptography. A cryptocurrency uses cryptography to secure, conduct and validate monetary transactions.

No individual or organization controls the creation of cryptocurrencies because they exist on distributed, decentralized networks referred to as blockchains.

The blockchain consists of data packets called ‘blocks’ interconnected during a ‘chain’ sort of arrangement. The centralized lasers are created by ‘controlled’ banks or data repositories by software and networking giants, and therefore the blockchain may be a decentralized ‘peer-to-peer’ digital ledger.

How To Create A Account On Crypto Trading App Wazirx.

  • Download Wazirx app or visit official site and click SIGN UP .
  • Fill up details
  • Enter your E-mail address and password.
  • Again re-enter password for confirmation.
  • Enter Wazirx Referral Code —– 43xf7qj6
  • Agree terms of services.
  • Click sign up button.
wazirx app
wazirx sign up page

After clicking signup verification mail will be send to your email, check your inbox and click the verification link to verify your account.

Security For Your Account

Next Enable 2-factor authentication (2FA) for security purposes. You can do this by downloading Google Authentication app on play store and connect to your account. After this you must and should complete the KYC process.

KYC Verification

This is the last step of account opening process.

>>> Click on Profile Tab ( top left ) and click complete verification ( KYC verification ) .

>>> Fill-up your details with valid Government approved ID cards.

>>> Enter your bank details for all future withdrawals.

>>> Next upload your PAN , Aadhaar and a selfie picture in JPG or PNG format.

Once the your account was verified , your can deposit the amount.

wazirx kyc verification
wazirx kyc verificaa

Wish you know How to create wazirx account 2021.

Wazirx Referral link ::

Referral code :: 43xf7qj6

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