Truecaller Collect And Share Out Data To Other Companies?

The Bombay supreme court on Wednesday issued notices to the Central and Maharashtra governments on public interest litigation filed alleging that Truecaller mobile application shared user data with another company in violation of legal provisions within the country. during a lawsuit filed by Shashank, the Truealler app claims to gather all users’ data and share user data with other partners without their permission. The case was heard by a Bombay supreme court bench comprising judge Deepankar Dutta and Justice GS Kulkarni.

Users’ data without their knowledge…

He said that TrueCaller games are happening as there’s no other app available to the users. The petitioner told the court that Truecaller users’ data was being provided to them by Google India, Bharti Airtel, ICICI Bank, and a number of other lenders without their knowledge. The petitioner said that the Central and Maharashtra governments, the state IT department, Truecaller International LLP, ICICI Bank, and therefore the National Payment Corporation should be named as respondents within the case. The petitioner alleged that Truecaller was providing UPI services without the consent of the app users.

Neglect of state officials ..!

officialdom has allegedly approved the TrueCaller app without proper verification. Truecaller pleaded to the court that it had completely violated the info privacy of citizens through its mobile application. He further added that the app was in complete violation of knowledge protection laws. The two-judge bench of the supreme court issued notices adding the central and state governments as respondents. Indicates to reply to notices within three weeks.

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