Things You Don’t Know About Apple iPhone Warranty : Interesting Facts

There is one thing that those who use i-Phones and who want to buy a new iPhone should keep in mind. Not only does it cost you a lot to buy a new iPhone, but it can also cost you a lot to repair if you don’t make a mistake after buying it. The iPhone offers the warranty that everyone can think of.

When you buy an iPhone you get a limited warranty for up to a year. After that you can give a few extra bucks to extend the warranty. It is essential for everyone to know exactly what warranty the iPhone is offering. Apple’s website has detailed information on the terms and conditions applicable to the iPhone warranty. Read further to find out what they are.

If the iPhone’s battery you’re using is damaged, it’s not covered by Apple’s iPhone warranty. This is clearly stated on the warranty page. “The batteries and the parts used to protect the phone are designed to reduce their quality over time.

It is also clear that the iPhone’s back side body does not have a warranty for scratches, dents and damage.

Apple asserts that any damage to a third party product that does not meet the specifications of the Apple product does not constitute a warranty.

If you accidentally fall into the water when using the iPhone, it is not considered a common risk and is not considered. Because all i-Phones now come with water proof. Another important thing is that the warranty does not apply when the iPhone is burnt or damaged due to natural disasters.

If the iPhone is damaged by a thousand, the first thing most people do is take it to a nearby repair shop for immediate repair. The iPhone’s warranty does not apply to any damage caused by a repair shop. Apple clearly states that Apple will not be liable for any damage caused by repairs done by anyone who is not an Apple Representative or Apple Authorized Service Provider (“AASP”).

All Apple’s i-Phones have a unique serial number. If any mistake you make is that the serial number has been removed or defaced from the Apple product then it is not covered by the iPhone warranty.

The first thing to remember is that the iPhone is yours. The ID you submitted when buying an iPhone will only be used during the repair. If Apple receives information from relevant public authorities that a thousand iPhone has been stolen, then the warranty is not very clear.

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