Telegram Update allows you to Upload Profile Videos, Gets 2GB File Sharing Support

With profile videos, you’ll upload a video to your Telegram profile and choose a frame that you’d wish to be featured as your static profile picture in chats.

Telegram has announced a replacement update that allows you to add videos to your profile — alongside your existing profile photos. The messenger service’s latest update also expanded the storage limit for sending media files from the prevailing 1.5GB to 2GB. It also carries a redesigned music player specifically for Android users. Additionally, Telegram users on its desktops have received the power to check in on up to 3 accounts simultaneously. The Telegram mobile app notably has had support for multiple accounts since December 2017.

With profile videos, you’ll now upload a video to your profile and choose a frame that you want to be featured as your static profile picture in chats. you’ll use the integrated media editor on the Telegram app to reinforce the standard of your video. A “soften skin” option has been added to the media editor to assist you edit your videos before uploading them to your profile. Furthermore, you’ll add animated stickers to your profile videos also .

Apart from profile videos, the updated Telegram app now allows you to send media files of up to 2GB size. The app earlier supported up to 1.5GB files — that was still quite larger over the 16MB file size supported by WhatsApp.

Alongside detailing the new extended file size support, the Telegram team through a blog post took a dig at WhatsApp by calling its 16MB support “a totally random number.”

People Nearby update
For enhanced engagements within nearby users, the updated Telegram app has added the power to point out the space of individuals contacting you via the People Nearby section. The app also will suggest you with a greeting sticker to start your conversation. Having said that, it sounds a touch odd to speak with strangers — regardless of whether they’re staying nearby or distant .

Telegram has also brought mini-thumbnails that offer you a thought of what media is during a message directly from your notifications or message search results. The update also adds the choice to allow you to filter chats from non-contacts and automatically archive and mute new changes from people that aren’t in your contacts. you’ll do so by getting to Privacy and Security settings of the app. Moreover, you’ll access the archived chats anytime from the Archive folder.

Group stats for groups with over 500 members
Specifically for people that own large groups with over 500 members, Telegram has added detailed graphs that provides a glimpse at member activities and growth. Group stats also help owners view all top members in their groups and take a glance at average message length. Further, there also are insights around engagements happening on an hourly or weekly basis.

Telegram has also reduced its Channel Stats feature to channels with 500 members. Similarly, it’s getting to bring access to group stats for admins of groups with a minimum of 100 members within the coming days.

Redesigned music player for Android users; support for multiple accounts on desktop
The updated Telegram app for Android devices has received the redesigned music player that has new icons also as an expandable track list. you’ll also control looping, shuffling, or maybe reverse a specific track order during a message. For videos, you’ll also crop and rotate them directly from the integrated video editor.

There also are several new animated emoji characters that you simply can pick for a replacement conversation on Telegram. Likewise, a football emoji has been added that animates the ball to the goal post.

Desktop users have also got the multiple account check in option with the limit of adding up to 3 accounts from different phone numbers, without logging out. this is often an extension to the multiple login support available for mobile users. Also, the feature is unlike the WhatsApp Web and desktop clients that both don’t allow multiple logins.

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