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RAM (Random Access Memory) is known as because the inner reminiscence of the CPU for storing statistics, application, and application result. It is known as as read/write reminiscence which shops the statistics till the gadget is working. The statistics is erased as quickly because the gadget is switched off. Hence, it’s miles known as brief garage reminiscence.

RAM considers the get right of entry to time impartial of the address; the reminiscence place saved with inside the reminiscence is as smooth as to attain different locations. It takes the equal quantity of time to attain different locations. RAM statistics may be accessed randomly and could be very expensive.

RAM is stated as volatile, i.e. the saved statistics saved with inside the reminiscence wander off whilst the pc is switched off, or any strength failure happens. Hence, a backup Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) is regularly used with computers. RAM is taken into consideration as small reminiscence, each in phrases of its bodily length and the quantity of statistics that it could store.

There are Two types of RAM :

  • Static RAM ( SRAM )
  • Dynamic RAM ( DRAM )

1) Static RAM (SRAM)

The term static means that the memory will retain its contents until power is applied. However, due to its unstable nature, when performance is reduced, data will be lost. RAM chips use 6 transistor arrays instead of capacitors. Avoid leaks, so you don’t have to update SRAM regularly; there is extra space on the chip, so for the same amount of memory, SRAM uses more chips than DRAM. Therefore, it is used as a cache memory and can be accessed very quickly.

  • Long life
  • No Need to Refresh
  • Used as a cache memory
  • Faster
  • High power consumption
  • Expensive
  • Large size

Dynamic Ram (DRAM)

Unlike SRAM, DRAM must be constantly updated to retain data. It does this by storing memory in the update chain so that the data is overwritten hundreds of times per second. DRAM is low cost and takes up little space, so it will consume your system memory. All DRAMs are composed of memory cells, which are composed of a capacitor and a transistor, which is why they are also called random access memories.

  • Used as RAM
  • Less expensive
  • Needs to be refreshed continuously
  • Smaller in size
  • Very slow as compared to SRAM
  • Less power consumption
  • Short data lifetime

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