Internet Banking (Online / Net Banking )

What is internet banking ?

Internet banking means that you can do the work you do by going to the bank and sitting in the house. If you have internet banking or you use internet banking, then you will know about its many advantages.
If you want to do internet banking or want to learn internet banking, then you will find all the information related to internet banking in this article.

Friends, if you come to run internet banking, you can do all the banking work very easily. Internet Banking We all need specially those people who do business or study, When we go to cash in the bank, or to check, there is a large line to stand in and we are very upset then we start thinking that my number should come quickly and I can do my work, who came out of May , So friends stop being disturbed, only to make your work easier is internet banking. Therefore Internet Banking is very helpful for you, and you have Internet Banking.

So let’s talk about Internet banking now.

Internet Banking is one of the best ways to get paid for insurers, from internet banking, you can do your own work and go ahead and join your bank branch. By using it you can also send money to eat and online shopping, recharge your mobile, bill can be made, and so many list is given below.

Recharge :

  • Prepaid recharge
  • DTH recharge

Pay Bills :

  • Postpaid bills
  • Gas bills
  • Water bills
  • Credit bills

Ticket Booking :

  • Bus ticket
  • Train ticket
  • Flight ticket

Money Transfer :

  • International money
  • Interbank money
  • Mutual funds
  • Insurances

Services :

  • ATM
  • Cheque books
  • Credit cards
  • Account statements
  • Online shopping

Internet Banking Before you do it, you can get remittance in internet banking, Registry is done in three types of internet banking.

  • Online registration
  • Home branch
  • ATM machine

Your internet banking is activated within 24 hours of being regressed.

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