How to delete your Google account data when you die

Google allows you to choose contacts who get the information that you simply offer them access to if your account remains inactive for a pre-selected amount of your time.

In the age of the web (internet), information( data ) is most precious entity during this world. Our email accounts nowadays not solely the holders of our daily conversations however they’re additionally the pathways to our entire digital lives. Our Gmail or Google accounts not solely store our emails however they are also the key purpose from wherever we are able to access the info of our alternative Google apps like Maps, Calendar, Keep, Photos, Drive and YouTube to call many.

But have you ever ever questioned what’s going to happen to any or all of this knowledge after you don’t seem to bearound or after you are unable to custodians of your own data? in all probability not.

Well, Facebook provides you the choice to memorialize your account. Google, on the opposite hand, allows you to decide choose contacts WHO get the info that you simply provide them access to if your account remains inactive for a pre-selected amount of your time. you’ll be able to either opt to share information with them or simply add their names to verify that you well are not around any longer. As so much because the remaining information is bothered, you’ll be able to merely toggle a button to delete it all once your elite grace amount is over.

So, here is however you’ll be able to make sure that all the information in your Google account is safe after you are gone :

  • Open
  • Next, click on Manage your data and personalization option under the Privacy and Personalisation section.
  • Scroll down to Download, delete or make a plan for your data section and tap on Make a plan for your data option.
  • Click on start

Change your contact information

  • First set the period that Google should wait until it considers your account inactive. Google provides you selectionof 3 , 6, 12 and 18 months to choose from .
  • Next step , add a mobile number you want Google to contact. You can add your mobile number here. Alternatively, you can add the mobile number of your closest family member.
  • And add contact E-mail ID and alternative E-mail ID.
  • Click to next .

Add the folks you wish to indicate.

  • Tap on Add person option.
  • Type in the email ID of your friend or family member and tap on Next.
  • Choose what you want to share with them and tap on Next.
  • Add the phone number of your contact (they will be able to download a copy of the data that you give them access to) and tap on Save. You can also add a personal message for that person.
  • You can add up to 10 people this way. Once you have added all the people you want to inform, tap on Next.

Decide if you want to delete your Google account

  • Toggle the ‘Yes, delete my inactive Google Account’ button if you wish Google to delete your account and every one the small print in it once your choose amount is over.
  • Tap on Review Plan and then tap on Confirm Plan option and you are good to go.

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