How to Auto Delete YouTube History

Google has launched a new tool for online search engine giant users in the tech world. They no longer have to manually delete the data of users searching in Google Search. Auto-Delete option automatically deletes itself. Google Auto-Delete Tool is made available for Google search users in particular. With this feature, the user can manually delete the location tracking, web and app activity history of searching on Google platform. Otherwise .. will be automatically deleted. However, this feature has now been brought to Google YouTube. This feature will automatically delete all the history you search on YouTube. Otherwise, Google gave users three options. Delete them.

How to in the App ?

Open the settings on your smart phone, google it. Just tap it. There you will see a Data Personnel. Tap on YouTube History. Then press Manage Activity. Then redirect the Google page. Go to the Google My activity page. If your YouTube history is on, select the option to choose Delete automatically.

Three Options

In it you will see three options. Keep until I delete manually, 18 months for Keep and 3 months for Keep. In this you have to choose the option of your choice.

How on the web?

Open my activity found on Google. The link is:

After That :

Select the Keeps activity until you delete it manually. Click on it and choose the Delete automatically. Next, select the Preferences and press the Confirm button.

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