Have You Ever Noticed These Signs On The Mobile Charger?

Hi friends, before you read this article, you will take your mobile chargers in your home and look at them one time, you will see these symbols on your mobile chargers. What does this mean? Mobile companies are printing these symbols on mobile chargers. Now I’m going to discuss with you about these.

As a general, we are in the trash can if there are damaged items in the house. If the Dust Bin Symbol with the Charger is cross-marked, do not throw this Charger in the trash after it is gone (damaged). In this symbolic form the company tells us to send this charger to us.

Charger does not mean that if there is any electrical and electronic waste in your house, do not fall into the dust bin. It is our responsibility to carefully recycle them. If they fall into the dust bin, the environment will be harmed.

If you have a double square symbol on the charger, your mobile charger’s cable is double insulated. This means that any damaged charger inside the charger will not hit the shock. Usually this symbol does not appear on the duplicate chargers.

If you have a home symbol on your mobile, this means that you need to use your charger at home. Maximum Chargers in our country support 240 voltage. If you use too much, the chargers are at risk. So you only use your mobiles at home. Don’t charge direct to sunny mobile.

On the mobile charger there are symbols like the Roman numeral 5 (V), or (lV, VI). These symbols represent the power supply efficiency in our charger. Europe’s Chargers have a V symbol, while the US and Canada Chargers have an (IV) symbol.

If you have this symbol on your mobile charger, it means that all the tests in this charger India have passed. This charger is certified to be used in Safe, India. This symbol is then placed on the mobile charger. This symbol is called the BIS symbol.

This symbol is found in our India though. In Europe the charger passes all the tests but the symbol CE is on the mobile chargers. The mobile charger will pass all the tests in Russia, but the mobile will have the symbol pCT.

These are the majority of symbols found in our India on the mobile charger. If you have all these symbols on your mobile charger, please comment in the comment section below. Stay tuned to our website for good articles like this one.

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