Aadhaar-voter ID integration – 2020

Court approves EC proposal Opportunity to get a bill in the budget session ?

The Central Justice Department has approved the Election Commission’s request for aadhaar-voter ID connection. A cabinet note is being created to enable the creation of new legislation to this extent. It is likely to be introduced before the Union Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Modi, during a budget session, a Justice Ministry official said. It is learned that the relevant bill is likely to be put in the budget session. In August last year, the Election Commission wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Union Justice Department proposing amendments to the Public Works Act 1950 and the Aadhaar Act 2016 so as to purge voter lists based on Aadhaar data.

As per the amendments proposed by the EC .. Electoral Registration Officer (ERVO) has the authority to request the Aadhaar number for those who already have Voter ID and to request Aadhaar number from those applying for Voter ID. If the person seeking the right to vote does not submit the Aadhaar number, they have the right to reject the new voter identity card and the right to collect the identity card. Easy Aadhaar-Voter ID Connection can prevent bogus voters from voting in one place or another. The Justice Department has responded positively to Easy’s proposals. Easy explained to the Justice Department in December last year that they had taken care of themselves. The Justice Department has taken further action.

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